We Are Creative Nerds

at Vuzelaa Group we work towards developing & creating innovative products and devise strategies to turn them into sustainable ventures to shift technological paradigms creatively!

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Our Recent Ventures

See what all we have been working on this year.

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In-Cab Entertainment + Advertising

Tabverts is a platform which streams music, movies, games and also enables you to discover trending places with the best offers given to you on the tablet which is placed behind the headrest of the cab.


Cabby is a cab aggregator which focuses on building experience for the passengers. Cabby comes with mutliple fleets which comprises of Compact, Sedan, SUV, Luxury & Supercars.

Influence on Instagram

at BRANDGRAM we connect brands & companies with our network of 200+ influencers to enable a reach of up to a million people everyday for their marketing campaign.

Happy Clients

We serve everyone from Startups to Fortune 500 companies